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The maps below are bike routes of Greater Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. They are in .ozfx3 format and can only be used with OziExplorer or OziExplorer CE.

In OziExplorer routes can be created on the maps and uploaded to most handheld gps receivers. Or, the maps and routes can be used, without conversion, with OziExplorer CE and a Handheld Pocket PC. Click on each file to download.

BC and Alberta Oil and Gas Well Data

For excellent affordable well site data for British Columbia and Alberta go to

All the data including the digital maps can be uploaded to Garmin handheld gps receivers and the routing capabilities of the receiver will give a turn by turn direction to the well head or pumping station.

The maps and data can also be used with OziExplorer GPS Mapping software and the "Find" feature will pin point the well head and pumping station locations, showing them as waypoints.

OziExplorer Utilities

For a listing of add-ons and utilities for OziExplorer go to Dave Patton's website.